Boarboys Bonesplitterz Orruks Miniatures

Bonesplitterz Boarboys riding war boars.

War boars are ferocious beasts that are tamed by the Orruks for battle. Some are ridden into battle by "boarboys"[1][3], others are used to pull ramshackle chariots.[2] In either case, the war boars bite and gore with their tusks.[1][2][3]

Sharing a bond that goes back to the Age of Myth, Bonesplitterz and war boars can often be found barrelling into the ranks of the foe at high speed, eager to be the first amongst them to spill blood. Their boars are fed on the bones of the most powerful beasts the Bonesplitterz can slay, although of course there is rather a lot of bickering and competition amongst their Orruk riders over which monsters’ bones make for the most brutal mounts.[3]

Ironjawz Orruks prefer to ride gruntas, larger and more savage relatives.[4]


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