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    The Wanderers (AKA Wood Elves) are quite a mixedbag army despite there reputation for shooting. However while they do appear to have a number of units for a number of situations the wanders key strengths still focus on two things, Speed and shooting stuff.

    The entire Wanderer army is fast with no exceptions. most foot troops have the standard 6" movement that comes with most Aelfs, however the army is laced with examples of extreme speed coming into play. Two of many such examples include:

    • The Wardancers and there 8" movement range which is the fastest current move characteristic for any foot troops in the game (Chaos has some mounted units that are slower)

    Another great example are the Glade Riders who have the ability to both run and shoot …

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    Age of Sigmar Tactics

    February 16, 2016 by KieranHayns

    This is a page designed to give players a general idea of tactics involved in the game of Age of Sigmar both in general and army specific.

    PLEASE NOTE: Descriptions are designed to help those either new to the game or new to a particular race and as such the tactics will address largely the basics. Please reserve any differences of oppinion for the comments section.

    • Wanderer (Wood Aelf) Tactics.
    • Bretonnian Tactics.
    • Dispossessed (Duardin) Tactics.
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