Tornus the Redeemed has a dark past indeed, for he was once a worshipper of Chaos. As a mortal, Tornus defended the Lifewells from the hosts of Nurgle. He fought with such stubborn vigour that Nurgle’s chosen made an example of him, pitching him into the Pit of Filth. Refusing to die, he emerged corrupted on the seventy-seventh day as Torglug the Despised, a true believer in Nurgle’s creed. For a time, he led the armies of the Plague God, and ultimately led the invasion that drove Alarielle from her haven. His rise to power brought him into conflict with the Celestant-Prime. Recognising a buried seed of valour under the villainous exterior, the avatar of Sigmar smote Torglug with Ghal Maraz, killing him outright – and in doing so, redeemed what remained of his soul. His essence blazed to Sigmaron, where he was Reforged as a Knight-Venator, and given the weapons he needed to wreak his vengeance upon the Chaos tyrants that had once polluted his spirit.

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