The Glottkin are triplets high in Nurgle’s favour. Otto Glott’s
The Glottkin Brothers

The Glottkin.

indestructible pragmatism contrasts starkly with the mean and devious nature of his sorcerous brother Ethrac. The two elder siblings ride to war on the shoulders of Ghurk Glott, a champion so swollen by Nurgle’s blessings he could flatten a gargant.[1a]

Wargear Edit

Ghurk Glott is a heaving mass of flesh, attacking with a Flailing Tentacle and scooping hapless victims into his Lamprey Maw. His brothers Ethrac and Otto ride upon his festering, boil-encrusted shoulders; Ethrac casts foul spells while Otto attacks with his Poison-Slick Scythe and unleashes a Pestilent Torrent of corrosive filth from his swollen gut.[1a]

Sources Edit

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