Wherever Lord Gardus leads his chamber, Tegrus wings through the sky, always ready to dive into the fray and cast down the worshippers of Chaos wherever they may hide. But in order to smite the foe, one must first hunt him down – a maxim Tegrus of the Hallowed Knights swore as a mortal, and still holds as a vital truth.[1a]

During the Cleansing of Azyr, Tegrus scouted out the Chaos warbands infesting the Nihilad Mountains, raining blazing arrows down upon them to expose their position to Sigmar’s armies. He fulfils a similar role as Prosecutor-Prime of the Hallowed Knights, though he now smites his foe with hammers of celestial energy. It is to Tegrus that Lord-Celestant Gardus turns whenever the foe eludes him, be it in the peaks of Azyr or the jungle-thick kingdoms of Ghyran. Though he has been offered a place as one of Sigmar’s hunter-assassins, he feels a great duty to his warrior chamber, and will fight there until the God-King himself orders otherwise.[1a]

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