Created from a disturbing process involving a blend of arcane science, blasphemous biology and cartloads of raw warpstone, skaven Stormfiends are the creations of diseased minds. They have the strength to batter down castle gates and armaments powerful enough to reduce those cowering inside to a gory paste. These potions-wollen monsters are born from the breeder alchemy of the skaven warrens, then have experimental weapons fused to their limbs with strange crystalline tools that mutate the wielder as much as the creation. Melded to the back of each Stormfiend is a twisted rat-thing little bigger than a human child, its bulbous brain lending alow cunning to these other wise demented shock troops. The Stormfiends’ usefulness is not restricted to the battlefield, either – they make formidable bodyguardsand excellent sappers, their warpstone-powered drills, grinder-maces and ratling cannons allowing them to bludgeon and bore their way through not only rock, buteven the cracks that the skaven have forced between the worlds.[1a]

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