Shyish is the Realm of Death, or the Amethyst Realm, and is one of the eight Mortal Realms. All gates to the underworld reside here and nowhere is more haunted. Everything is in decline and degeneration.

During the Age of Myth Shyish was ruled by Nagash. It was during this time that the Wars of the Dead were fought. During the Age of Chaos the armies of Chaos and Death fought to a stalemate as Nagash's alliance with Sigmar strengthened the defence. Eventually Archaon and Tzeentch drove the two allies apart - leading to the war of Heaven and the Underworlds. After Nagash's war with Sigmar, he was weakened and the War of Bones saw the destruction his capital. After the Battle of Black Skies (where the weakened Nagash was defeated by Archaon) Nagash's mortarchs went into hiding in Stygzz to reform their fallen master.

During the Realmgate Wars, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer helped defend Neferata's city, Nulahmia, against Slaanesh. This lead to Sigmar offering Nagash a resumption of their alliance.[1]

The Realm of Shyish

Notable Locations Edit

Notable Realmgates Edit

  • Endgate: The Arcway of Shyish. Controlled by the forces of Chaos.[3]
  • Baneshard Realmgate: Connected to the Gulf of Regrets in Shyish.[4]
  • Starless Gates[5]


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