Ulgu and Hysh illustration Sigmarlore

The Realm of Hysh (right) bordering with the Realm of Ulgu (left).

Hysh is the Realm of Light, in the Eight Realms. The lands themselves consist of symbols and shapes with hidden meanings in these times of Chaos. Before, it was known as the realm of reason and symmetry.[1] There are many ethereal moons.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Dreaming Plains: The Seraphon constructed the Geometric Tower here.[3]
  • Dreaming Tombs: The Flesh-eater Courts spread out from the Dreaming Tombs following the wars of the Age of Sigmar.[4]
  • Lunarest: This diamond-faced mountain is the home of the Thungur lodge.[2]
  • Shadow Wastes: On the leeward side of the Gloaming Mountains, the Shadow Wastes were ravaged by the One-eyed King and his army of Abhorrants.[4]
  • Soothsaying Conclaves[3]

Notable RealmgatesEdit


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