Like a canker upon reality, Pustulix Vilerot spreads corruption to everything he touches. This eldritch being is surrounded at all times by shifting, clawing tendrils of noxious green mist, and wherever he goes the scratching and gnawing of a million rats haunt the edge of hearing.[1a]

Pustulix is a being with a singular obsession, and he has spent the lives of entire Clans Pestilens in its pursuit. The Verminlord is convinced that the Great Horned Rat must discard all of his other aspects, that he must become the Great Corruptor in his entirety in order to unify the other wayward clans beneath a single, rotting banner. It is Pustulix’s belief that the withering of all Azyr – orchestrated by himself of course – would be sufficient to bring about this radical change. He seeks to introduce the Great Plagues to Azyr itself, and to watch the heavens rot. Such is Pustulix’s vision, and it is one he pursues with relentless hunger.[1a]

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