Oakenbrow is said to be the First Glade, whose ancestors sprang from the very first soulpods planted by Alarielle. Its noble spirits are renowned for their regal bearing and the wholesome quality of their heartwood, which imparts an innate sense of justice to all they do. The clans of Oakenbrow are many and sizeable, and they have more dealings with the other peoples of the realms than most sylvaneth. While some amongst their race – the spirits of Dreadwood and Gnarlroot in particular – resent Oakenbrow Glade for what they see as arrogance, most recognise their inherent nobility.[1a]

Overview Edit

The loremasters of Oakenbrow are incredibly well-versed in the arts of war. Within their ancient minds, they hold thousands of years of cumulative martial experience, allowing them to effortlessly outmanoeuvre any foe upon the field of battle.[1b]

The sylvaneth of the Oakenbrow clans are noble of aspect and regal of bearing, even the lowliest Dryads carrying themselves with poise and solemnity. This glade is one of the largest, with hundreds of clans spread across the Mortal Realms, and they have perhaps the most numerous standing musters of Noble Spirits. This makes the High King of Oakenbrow a powerful regent indeed, and it speaks well of this vast and elder being that he is gracious and fair in his rule.[1b]

The disciplined warriors of the Oakenbrow clans favour Sigmar’s Stormcasts greatly. In these storm-forged warriors, the sylvaneth see kindred spirits, brave and determined crusaders who will die before they see Chaos victorious.[1b]

Clans of Oakenbrow Glade Edit

Known members of Oakenbrow Glade Edit

  • Haaldhorm - Wrathsinger of Clan Naeth’aer.[1e]
  • Skrilthen - Branchwych of Clan Nathir.[1c]
  • Niveach - Branchwraith of Clan Nathir.[1c]

Source Edit

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