The Mortal Realms map.

The Mortal Realms are a group of eight planes of existence revealed to Sigmar by the Great Drake Dracothion after the destruction of the World Before Time during the End Times.[1][2][3] Following the invasion of the Forces of Chaos, Archaon's domain spread across seven of the eight Mortal Realms, sparing only Azyr.[5]


Following the destruction of the World Before Time, the energy released gathered together into the eight realm spheres. Though isolated, these realms are still linked. The Realms of Ulgu and Hysh orbit each other; when Ulgu eclipses Hysh, it is nighttime for the other realms. Azyr can be seen from other realms as a glowing star in the sky.[6] The realms are connected by Realmgates, but are also linked by the stars above.[4]

The individual realms aren't infinite in size, but they are massive. In the centre of the realms, reality is stable and civilizations can be created. Towards the edges, reality breaks down and the energies of the realm will remake travellers into elemental parts.[6]

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