Magmadroths are massive volcanic beast, descendants of

Magmadroth with auric runefather on them.

Vulcatrix. Fyreslayers raise them for war and high ranking Fryeslayers like Runefathers, Runesons and Runesmiters ride them into battle. Magmadroths are powerful creatures, with a fiery breath, scorching blood and whipping tails. Only a Fyreslayer can withstand the heat emitted by the Magmadroths.

Magmadroths are variable in colour and pattern. They generally grow darker as they age, though they are still fiercely hot. Vibrant colours are considered a sign of a headstrong nature by Fyreslayers. Magmadroths can also change the colours of their extremities by regulating the beat of their heat.

Named Magmadroths Edit

Sources Edit

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