Knights of the Aurora Stormcast Eternals scheme

The Knights of the Aurora is a Stormhost from the First Striking, like the Hammers of Sigmar, and thus bear the Hammer and Lightning bolt heraldry.[1a]

The Borealis warrior chamber of this Stormhost is led by Lord-Celestant "Arturo Boreas" aided by his second in command Lord-Relictor "Amortea Luminu". They get help now and then from the Auxiliary Chamber commander: Lord-Castellant "Solarius Skygazer" and his officers Knight-Heraldor "Fulgur Halation" and Knight-Vexillor "Eos Coruscate".

Master scout and Reconnaissance leader Knight-Azyros "Scintil Obscurea" and sky-archer Knight-Venator "Welkin Burnish" are also seen regularly between the ranks.

The Knights of the Aurora were selected based on their speed and agility. Only the best became a Knight of the Aurora. Sigmar deploys these chambers only when he sees that speed is of the essence and that it's better to send in small but fast and effective strike forces. When these strikeforces are being sent, the lightning leaves a mark on the ground where they land, crystalizing some of the minerals above the soil.

Their first task was to secure the Realmgate to Azyr in the realm of Ghyran (Life) where Arturo single handedly cut down a ravager-lord and opened the gate.[2a]