Whenever the magisterial slann Lord Xen'phantica sought swift vengeance upon his enemies, he would call Klaq-tor down from the stars. An ancient hero of the seraphon, the Oldblood Klaq-tor has stalked across battlefields since the dawn of time. Countless enemies have ended their miserable days screaming under Klaq-tor’s blade and the Carnosaur Startalon’s claws. At the Flayed Falls it was Klaqtor that slew the thrice-born Abomination of Vermisia, hewing it into its component parts with the focus of a master butcher. In the days of the Dreaming Horror Klaqtor swept away the Gibberling Wizards; even the Mechgor Razor-Engine fell to the Oldblood’s ire. Klaq-tor has proven especially adept against the daemons of Orb Infernia. In all the long centuries of war upon that cursed sub-realm, the Oldblood never fell in battle, matching the Chaos princes blow for blow, and driving their armies back into their tainted lands.[1a]

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