"Blood for the Blood God." - Rakh


The symbol of Khorne.


Mighty embodiments of destruction and anarchy, the Chaos Gods reside outside of the Mortal Realms. They are eternal beings of near limitless power, daemonic abominations that seek to corrupt and dominate all they survey.Just as they are ever at war with the Mortal Realms, so too do the Chaos Gods vie with each other for mastery.In this conflict, it is Khorne the BloodGod who most often stands ascendant. Khorne is depicted by his worshipers as a towering warrior so vast that he blots out the very stars. His monstrous form is heavy with corded muscle, and clad in interlocking plates of baroque brass armour. Khorne’s visage is the snarling muzzle of an enraged warhound,his eyes fiery orbs of boundless hatred and endless rage. The Blood God sits upon a monumental throne of skulls, from which he bellows a never-ending call to war that rings throughout the realms. At his side rests a colossal sword, known variously as the Ender of Worlds, the All slaughter,and countless other equally doom-laden names. A single swipe of this gigantic weapon can split reality in twain,erasing whole cities from existence or exterminating entire armies of unbelievers. So does the Blood God show his displeasure.

Within the Realm of Chaos, the domains of the gods wax and wane with the power of their patron deity. Khorne’s hellish kingdom has long been the largest. At its heart stands the Brass Citadel, a veritable mountain range of bastions, battlements and forges built around the Blood God’s throne. Beyond The citadel’s defences of iron-bound walls and moats of gore, Khorne’s realm spreads away in all directions for leagues uncounted. It is a fractured, ashen wasteland of cracked bone plains, jagged ravines, dark fortresses and thundering volcanoes across which the daemons of the Blood God wage their endless wars in his honour.

The Path of Skulls Edit

Khorne is worshipped not through prayer, but in bloody battle. While war rages, Khorne’s power waxes strong,and so his devotees seek conflict at every opportunity. The faithful know that Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, and will fall upon one another if no other foe presents itself.

There are many reasons why mortals turn to the worship of Khorne. For some there is no choice – either they are born to tribes that already venerate the Blood God, or their cultures are subjugated by those who do. Others see a fast route to power, for what could be easier than giving in to the aggression and violence that lurks in the hearts of all men? Great warriors, primitive hunters, the strong seeking dominance and the weak seeking strength; all turn to Khorne in search of power and, perhaps, eventual daemonhood. At First, the rewards seem great and the price small. After all, what warrior, newly imbued with strength and rage,would deny Khorne’s demands that they turn these gifts to killing? These aspirants soon find, however, that the Blood God’s creed requires more from them every day, dragging them down and utterly unforgiving path of slaughter and destruction that eventually sees them entirely lost to bloodlust.

At its heart, the worship of Khorne is a violent, selfish road that winds through battlefields beyond count. Each Khorne worshipper chases his own personal glory with little thought for those who fight at his side. Many fall, cut down in battle while trying to prove their devotion to the Blood God. Yet the greatest among them prevail, becoming powerful enough to pass one of the eight archaic Trials of Khorne and become one of the Bloodbound.

Deemed worthy by their baleful god and blessed with his dark gifts, these warriors begin their perilous climb towards true power. Should they win sufficient favour, any one of the Bloodbound can ascend to become a Deathbringer, a Bloodstoker, or one ofthe other champions of Khorne. Such Ascension to power brings with it great reward. A champion may gain strength beyond mortal comprehension, and armored hide that can shrug off the blows of mortal blades, or a mighty daemonic weapon to wield. Yet the worship of the Blood God also brings terrible risks. Khorne brooks no failure from his champions, and the slightest misstep can end in hideous damnation as the angry Chaos God strikes down those who have failed him. Once a warrior has become Bloodbound, his path can end only one of two ways: rising to eternal glory, or a violent, bloody death.

Notable WorshippersEdit


Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne