Tribal chieftains chosen by a Frostlord for their strength and ability in command, Huskards are responsible for hundreds of Beastclaw ogors.[2] There are three different ranks among them - Jorls, Eurls and Torrs.[1][3]


Huskard Jorls and Huskard Eurls lead the warriors from atop the backs of formidable Stonehorns. Together, the beasts and their brutish riders are master line-breakers that use their impressive strength to batter their way through all obstacles, be they reinforced castle walls or serried ranks of armoured veterans – soon to become the Beastclaw Raiders’ next meal.[1][2]

For his part, the Huskard Torr leads the Thundertusks to war, taking the Beastclaw Raiders to their battlefield hunting grounds. At the bellowed ogor elder’s command the creatures breathe out gales of frost. The ground on all sides grows thick with ice as enemies are turned into gleaming statues and the very life is leeched from their bones. Those not slain by the frost face the monster’s massive tusks and the terrible ire of the Huskard Torr.[3][4]


Most Huskards are armed with either a chaintrap or a harpoon launcher. Some instead ride to war with a Blood Vulture to take down their prey. A Huskard can also lash out with punches and kicks.[1]

A Huskard Torr can attempt to harness the strange wintery magic that clings to his Thundertusk. If he's successful, either a second skin of ice forms on a friendly unit as it is rimmed with a healing frost, or winter winds howl through the unit, chilling their blood and lending them strength.[3]

The Stonehorns use their horns to pulverise the enemy, and can deliver terrible blows with their crushing hooves.[1]

The Thundertusks can pound foes with crushing blows of their hooves and tusks, or shatter them with blasts of magical frost-wreathed ice.[3]


  • Huskard on Stonehorn.
  • Huskard Torr on a Thundertusk.


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