Even the eldest of Harvestboon Glade were only podborn during the Age of Chaos. The youngest and most vibrant glade of all, they are warlike and aggressive, but full of hope. The Branchwraiths of Harvestboon clans are known for the flowing beauty and power of their songs and spellcraft, and the Willowqueen sings strongest of all. Leading her kin to one deadly conflict after another, the warrior regent seeks a future free from Chaos, and she will lead Harvestboon through any danger to win that prize.[1a][1b]

Overview Edit

The spirits of Harvestboon Glade strive at all times to heal and restore the realms to life, but it would be unwise to think them peaceful. Even their Forest Folk are aggressive warriors, avatars of nature’s reconquest over the dominion of Chaos. So far, there are only nine Harvestboon clans, but since Alarielle’s rebirth, their numbers have been spiralling higher with breathtaking speed. New Harvestboon Wargroves are mustered daily, marching out to battle with their spirit-song full of hope.[1c]

The deeds of Harvestboon polarise the opinions of the other glades more than any other subject. Some, the Heartwood chief amongst them, see this dynamic young glade as the shape of things to come and the harbingers of Alarielle’s vengeance. The more conservative Regents of the Moot are less convinced, complaining that it can only be a matter of time before the Willowqueen’s clans overreach themselves and bring trouble down upon all the sylvaneth.[1c]

Clans of Harvestboon Glade Edit

Know members of Harvestboon Glade Edit

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