Let all who would oppose order and justice be warned – the Hammers of Sigmar have been unleashed. They are the power and majesty of the tempest, the fury of the bolt from the heavens made manifest.[1a]

The first Stormhost to be founded, the Hammers of Sigmar are the forerunners of the celestial storm. Gleaming and resplendent in their golde narmour, they bore the honour of being the Stormcast Eternals sent into battle to strike the first blow of Sigmar’s new war on the Brimstone Peninsula. Since that initial blow, the Hammers of Sigmar have carried forth their proud banners into all the Mortal Realms. Bold, daring, and utterly committed to bringing down furious vengeance upon the Chaos oppressors, or any who dare oppose the God-King’s justice, the Hammers of Sigmar will ever be found at the forefront of the battle to reclaim the realms.[1a]

Known organisation Edit

Temples Edit

  • Azyr's Heralds - Heraldor Temple.
  • Justicars of the God-King - Judicator Temple.
  • Guardians of the Skygates - Valedictor Temple.
  • The Risen Sons - Relictor Temple.

Crusade chambers Edit

The Hammers of Sigmar comprises over twenty crusade chambers. However, only fourteen are formally listed in the Annals Celestis.

  • Harbinger Chamber ‘The Hurricanums' - Lord Nenthus Hurricanum.
  • Harbinger Chamber ‘The Fulgurines' - Lord Kaedus Fulgurine.
  • Exemplar Chamber ‘The Engloriams' - Lord Octus Engloriam.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Skykindred' - Lord Escrus Skykith.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Hammerhands’ - Lord Vandus Hammerhand.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Heavenhost’ - Lord Sargassus Heavenhost.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Thriceblessed’ - Lord Devyndus Thriceblessed.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Stormbound’ - Lord Tylos Stormbound.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Annihilators’ - Lord Andrus Nihilat.
  • Warrior Chamber ‘The Starborn’ - Lord Vectus Starborn.
  • Extremis Chamber 'Heavenwrought'.
  • Extremis Chamber 'Hammers Draconis' - Lord Imperius.
  • Extremis Chamber 'Hammerclaws'.
  • Extremis Chamber 'Stormborn'.

Warrior Chamber 'The Hammmerhands' Edit