Hallowed Knights fighting Nurgle in Ghyran Colour Illustration

Hollowed Knights fighting Nurgle hosts

The Hallowed Knights are a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals, wearing silver sigmarite armours. They are so pure of spirit that the magic of Chaos has little effect on them. The Hallowed Knights joined sylvaneth forces against the Nurgle armies in the Realm of Ghyran.[1][2][3][4][5]


The war for Rotwater Blight forever changed the Hallowed Knights. When first hurled into battle they were fresh, clean of limb and mind, but their long battle against the foulness of Nurgle has left its mark. Though none of the Stormhost’s number have fallen to Nurgle’s plagues, the sights they saw in Rotwater Blight will haunt them forever. On several occasions their blazing zeal guttered in the face of the horrible sights and fates that awaited them, but the fires of their faith can never truly be extinguished. Wiser, sterner and all the deadlier for their experiences, these steel-souled knights of Sigmar would fight through a thousand infested battlescapes if it meant securing victory for their God-King.[1b]

None shine with such burning purity as the Hallowed Knights. Clad in silver sigmarite, armour and weapons crawling with skeins of pure white lightning, these warriors bear the light of Sigmar into battle against their foes. No unclean creature can stand before such righteous ire and light. In an explosion of silver light, the shining heroes of the Hallowed Knights descend from Sigmar’s Tempest to bring vengeance against their foes. Every single Hallowed Knight was raised up from the Mortal Realms for the purity of his faith, his strength of belief in Sigmar as the God-King of all. Like a blade folded again and again in the heat of the furnace, the Reforging has only served to strengthen the Hallowed Knights’ faith a hundredfold. Now they are a shining beacon of light that illuminates even the darkest and most terrible places.[1]

This glorious purity is reflected in their panoply of war. Every curving plate of sigmarite armour gleams, shimmering silver interspersed with rich gold. Their shoulder guards are the deep, regal blue of the heavens, as are the sigmarite shields borne by the Stormhost’s Liberators. Against these dark colours the Stormcast Eternals’ noble devices are proudly displayed. These are emblazoned in untarnished silver and purest white, reflecting the holy fire that burns in each Hallowed Knight’s heart.[1]

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