Grundstok Thunderers are professional warriors,
Grundstok Thunderers Kharadron miniatures
well drilled and trained to fire quickly with great accuracy. They are equipped with a broad arsenal of deadly aethermatic weapons, and it is their task to lay down a blistering hail of firepower to protect the Kharadron Overlords’ airfleets and the goods that they carry.[2]


The Grundstok Thunderers are militarised formations employed by the fleet to help defend it. The endless training and drilling conducted by the Grundstok Academies results in high standards of discipline and marksmanship in their graduates – upon commands from their officer, the Grundcaptain, they march, wheel and ready their aim with awe-inspiring speed and precision. Firing in near-perfect synchronicity, a line of Grundstok Thunderers temporarily disappears among eye-searing flashes and weapon reports as they unleash a storm of munitions that can halt even the most well-armoured foes in their tracks.[1]

Grundstok Thunderers, professional soldiers and the main fighting force of the Kharadron Overlords. Each is armed with an aethershot rifle, with some impressively chunky special weapons available as options – an aetheric fumigator, a Grundstok mortar, an aethercannon (so powerful that the duardin carrying it needs a blast shield) and a five-barrelled gun known as the Decksweeper. Their sealed suits of armour are covered in valves, pipes and respiratory systems used to make the air palatable to their aether-gold addled lungs.[1]


A unit of Grundstok Thunderers has 5 or more warriors. Each Grundstok Thunderer is armed with an aethermatic weapon, whether the signature aethershot rifle, an aetheric fumigator, a decksweeper, an aethercannon or a Grundstok mortar. If any enemies survive their devastating fusillades, they resort to bashing in skulls with their gun butts.[2] One or several Thunderers can become Honour Bearers and feature a keystone added to their suits’ power packs, which make the unit more courageous.[1][2]

The leader of this unit is the Gunnery Sergeant. A Gunnery Sergeant wields a special double-barrelled aethershot rifle, and sometimes an aethermatic bird known as a Drillbill perches upon his shoulder. When the unit is threatened, the Drillbill whirrs to life, pecking at the enemy’s vulnerable spots.[2]



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