Gorebeasts Chariots are rightly feared for their explosive ferocity. Grotesque predators at once simian and reptilian in aspect, these brutes are immensely strong, and are much prized under the yokes of chariots. Though slow to accelerate, once the Gorebeast hits its stride the chariot becomes a force of bloody destruction that is all but impossible to stop.[1a][1b]

Wargear Edit

A unit of Gorebeast Chariots consists of any number of members. Each chariotis drawn by a hulking Gorebeast which pummels its prey with Brutish Fists, and is driven by a charioteer who cracks a Lashing Whip at the foe. A second charioteer wields a hell-forged weapon; some might carry Chaos Greatblades, while others prefer Chaos War-flails. The leader of this unit is the Exalted Charioteer.[1a]

Source Edit

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