Gloomheart is the current Abhorrant Ghoul King of the Yearning Courts of Shyish.[1a]


Pieces of Gloomheart’s mind are missing. He does not remember much before waking among the Yearning Courts, except that he was a great warrior savaged by a terrible beast. Such must have been the case, for he woke clad in his questing armour, blade in hand, the fang-marks fresh upon his neck. As he got to his feet, a throng of courtiers prostrated themselves on all sides.[1a]

Since that fateful day, King Gloomheart of the Yearning Courts has been seeking the monster that almost killed him. Riding on the back of his spectacular solar dragon Pyrosis, the king has scoured the Gallowdeeps, Nightlands and the Wraithwyrds. In his crusade to find the elusive monster that wounded him, countless great beasts have ended their days upon the feasting tables of the Yearning Courts. A few times, Gloomheart has even glimpsed his prey, but always reflected for but a moment in the eyes of dying men or the sheen of blood-spattered armour – and so his hunt continues.[1a]

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