Massive presences, leaders of the Beastclaw Raiders, Frostlords have proven themselves as capable warriors and exceptional hunters time and time again.[1] A master of the wild steppes, a Frostlord leads his ogors into the battles that sustain them.[3]


Frostlords can ride either a Thundertusk or a Stonehorn to battle.

A Frostlord who rides to war on a Thundertusk is a blizzard-cloaked warlord, a true herald of the Everwinter that follows in his tribe’s wake. The permanent aura of magical cold emanating from his mount has chilled the ogor’s very soul, leaving him as a pitiless hunter who cares for nothing but bringing down his prey.[1][2]

Crashing through everything in his path, a Frostlord seated atop a Stonehorn is virtually unstoppable, the hooves and horns of his granite-boned steed grinding enemies into paste. From the back of is lumbering mount, the Frostlord can see far across the battlefield. His booming voice directs his raiders to the most vulnerable flanks of the foe – where the Frostlord on Stonehorn rides, brutality follows.[3][4]

Wargear and abilitiesEdit

Most Frostlords are armed with a frost spear. They can also lash out with punches and kicks.[2][4]

The Thundertusks can pound foes with crushing blows of their hooves and tusks, or shatter them with blasts of magical frost-wreathed ice.[2]

The Stonehorns use their horns to pulverise the enemy, and can deliver terrible blows with its crushing hooves.[4]


  • Frostlord on Thundertusk.
  • Frostlord on Stonehorn.


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