Cyssandra is a darkmaiden vampire that ruled over the Grave Warrens in Shyish up to the Battle of the Grave Warrens.[1]


Aylessa is the blood sister of Aylessa and Yessanna, a member of one of Neferata’s darkmaiden broods.[2a]

The vampire queen Cyssandra ruled for years of death and darkness a sprawling subterranean kingdom of tomb-mazes, mausoleum cities and vast corpsemills. Her minions harvested the rain of dead that continuously fell from the killing fields in the lands above, while the subjugated Gloom tribes scavenged the ruins for desiccated meat to continue their miserable existence.[1]

However, paid by the tribes in tomb-gold, the Greyfyrd lodge marched into the Grave Warrens, their axes come to claim the head of the terrible vampire queen and end her long reign of blood in the Battle of the Grave Warrens.[1]

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