The horn-helmed killers known as Chaos Warriors are legion. Every realm save Azyr echoes to the tread of their ironshod feet and the clangour of the battle they bring. These men have cast everything aside in exchange for eternal warand the promise of power. Some may find the glory they seek, but for most there is only blood, violence and cruel fate.[1a]

Wargear Edit

A unit of Chaos Warriors has 10 or more members. Some units wield either Chaos Hand Weapons or Halberd sand carry Chaos Runeshields. Some units eschew defence, hefting double-handed Chaos Greatblades or entering battle with a Chaos Hand Weapon in each hand. Anyone in this unit may be Standard Bearers. The leader of this unit is the Aspiring Champion. Anyone in this unit can be Hornblowers.[1a]

Source Edit

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