Cunning are the Chaos Marauder Horsemen, and skilled with javelin, axe and flail. Many hail from horse-tribes thatpound the wastes of the Mortal Realms. Their command over the ill-tempered steeds they ride is such they can hurl theirdeadly throwing weapons as they charge, run down their foes, and dart back out for another volley with shocking speed.[1a]

Wargear Edit

A unit of Chaos Marauder Horsemen has 5 or more members. Many units of Marauder Horsemen are armed with Barbarian Axes, but some prefer to wield Barbarian Flails instead. Some units instead carry Marauder Javelins which they can hurl at the foe and use as spears in close combat. Many units also carry Darkwood Shields. They ride swift Chaos Steeds, which strike at the enemy with their Flailing Hooves. The leader of this unit is the Horsemaster. Anyone in this unit may be Icon Bearers. Anyone in this unit can be Hornblowers.[1a]

Source Edit

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