The Celestant-Prime is nothing less than the Storm of Sigmar itself. Those who meet the Celestant-Prime in battle face first hand the full brunt of the God-King’s wrath, for he is the Avenging Angel of Azyr, the Bearer of the World-Hammer, and the First Scion of Sigmar.[1a]

Overview Edit

He was the most heroic of mankind’s champions, a great king and guardian of men from an age rapidly growing darker. When he was chosen as the first by Sigmar, the God-King poured into him a prodigious portion of divine might. Yet the process was not fully concluded – this greatest of aspirants remained in stasis in the storm-wracked dome of the Forbidden Vault. Without Sigmar’s hammer, Ghal Maraz, the first Stormcast was incomplete.[1a]

When the Stormcast Eternals at last reunited Sigmar with Ghal Maraz, the Celestant-Prime arose, shimmering and resplendent. In that moment thunder rolled across the Realms – its intensity shaking skulls from the foundation of the Brass Throne. In the most brilliant of bolts the first of the Stormcast Eternals joined Sigmar’s armies on blazing wings, his gleaming armour flickering with chains of lightning, always appearing to match that of the Stormhost he was fighting alongside. With each arcing hammer swing, the Celestant-Prime smote the wicked, the bludgeoning force sweeping away ranks of oncoming foes at a time.[1a]

Full of the energies of the Celestial Realm, the Celestant-Prime’s hammer blows can slay a greater daemon with a single thunder-cracking impact, breaking its body, and banishing it utterly. Yet such is the power of the Celestant-Prime that there is yet more than sheer destruction within those mighty concussions. If there is the slightest kernel of uncorrupted soul left in the smitten, then the blow frees the spirit even as it crushes the tainted form. Those who are redeemable are purified. Spirits loosed in such a manner are not dragged into the Realm of Chaos, nor do they dissolve into the Underworlds ruled by Nagash. Instead, the spirits wing their way to Azyr, there to be presented before almighty Sigmar. The final judgement is his, and his alone, for a place in his armies awaits the few who are found worthy.[1a]

Thus did Sigmar’s new War against Chaos bring the corrupting ways of the Dark Gods back full circle.[1a]

Wargear Edit

The Celestant-Prime wields Ghal Maraz, the Hammer of Sigmar, and carries the Cometstrike Sceptre.[1b]